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Welcome these amazing acts to our block party!

Welcome these amazing acts to our block party!

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  • Saturday, September 7th from 3 pm to 6 pm!

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Payment for Vendor Waushakum Welcomers
  • $10 fee - bring your own table and chairs

  • $20 fee - request a table and two chairs

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 Waushakum Welcomers

We're excited to kick-off the Waushakum Neighborhood Engagement Strategy!

Why ?

Target Engagement Area

Target Engagement Area

  • Engage Waushakum Neighborhood residents to help them learn about one another through information sharing and trust-building activities.

  • Create a foundation for resource-sharing activities, including child care, play dates, carpooling, elderly assistance, neighborhood welcomes, and neighborhood safety.

  • Instill a sense of small business support by encouraging shopping at downtown venues, ideally traveling by foot for bicycle.

  • Drive awareness and create better access to community and government resources.

Become a Block Leader Here

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  • Questionnaire about life in your neighborhood, participation in the community, and support for local businesses will be mailed to a sample population

  • 845 surveys mailed with self-addressed stamped envelopes in June 2019

  • Social Share Cards created from survey responses to better know your neighbors

  • Identify block leaders

    • Ownership of block party and feedback about unique area needs

Waushakum Welcomers Survey Results

First 47 responses

Pho Dakao 56%, Jack’s Abby 25%, Sofa Cafe 19% (16 responses)

Pho Dakao 56%, Jack’s Abby 25%, Sofa Cafe 19% (16 responses)

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Social Share Cards

Alexander Street

Alexander Street satellite.PNG

Andrews Street

Arlington Street

arlington street satellite.PNG
joseph arlington street.jpg

Berry Street

jenny and willie.jpg

Cedar Street

Cedar Street satellite.PNG
Jane Cedar St.jpg
Judity Cedar Street.jpg
thomas .jpg

Clifford Street

clifford street satellite.PNG
ann marie and derek clifford street.jpg
Clifford St Judy.jpg

Cypress Street

cypress street.PNG
jessica cypress st.jpg
nicole cypress street.jpg

Daisley Place

daisley place.PNG
thomas Daisley place.jpg

Eames Street

eames st.PNG

Gilbert Street

Gilbert Street Framingham.PNG
Donna and Crispin Gilbert Street.jpg
liz gilbert street.jpg
Ryan gilbert street.jpg

Highland Street

highland street framingham ma.PNG
Dorit Highland Street.jpg
maria highliand street.jpg

Hollis Street

hollis st satellite.PNG
Kevin Hollis Street.jpg
maria hollis street 2.jpg

Mellen Street

mellen street.PNG
Jin Mellen St.jpg

Nipmuc Road

nipmuc road.PNG
Gina Nipmuc Road.jpg
maryanne nipmuc road.jpg
mitchell nipmuc road.jpg

Pratt Street

pratt street.PNG
jack and shana.jpg

Thayer Street

thayer street.PNG
victoria thayer street.jpg

Waushakum Street

david waushakum st.jpg
thomas waushakum st.jpg

Winthrop Street

winthrop street.PNG
karen winthrop street.jpg

Wood Avenue

wood avenue.PNG
aaron judy wood avenue.jpg
ilene wood avenue.jpg
dave wood avenue.jpg