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 Waushakum Welcomers

We're excited to kick-off the Waushakum Neighborhood Engagement Strategy!

Why ?

Target Engagement Area

Target Engagement Area

  • Engage Waushakum Neighborhood residents to help them learn about one another through information sharing and trust-building activities.

  • Create a foundation for resource-sharing activities, including child care, play dates, carpooling, elderly assistance, neighborhood welcomes, and neighborhood safety.

  • Instill a sense of small business support by encouraging shopping at downtown venues, ideally traveling by foot for bicycle.

  • Drive awareness and create better access to community and government resources.

Become a Block Leader Here

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  • Questionnaire about life in your neighborhood, participation in the community, and support for local businesses will be mailed to a sample population

  • 845 surveys mailed with self-addressed stamped envelopes in June 2019

  • Social Share Cards created from survey responses to better know your neighbors

  • Identify block leaders

    • Ownership of block party and feedback about unique area needs

September 7  Block Party at  Anna Murphy Playground

September 7 Block Party at Anna Murphy Playground

Fall block party at Anna Murphy Playground

  • Saturday, September 7th from 3 pm to 7 pm!

    • Sponsor information and vendor sign-up coming soon!