Join us for this spectacular, inaugural event on Sunday, April 23rd from 3 to 7 pm in the Springdale Barrel Room at 102 Clinton Street.   This is the FIRST TIME we will have so many eclectic samplers under one roof!  

The Taste of Downtown Framingham Top 5

  1. Discover new dishes
  2. Learn about the great locals who lead these small businesses
  3. Critique and comment on your experience
  4. Participate in friendly competitions between restaurants
  5. Get even MORE coupons and discounts!

Entry Tickets* - also available at the door!

  • One adult $15.00
  • Two Adults $25.00
  • Children (12 years old and under) $5.00

* Additional fees apply for beverages and / or specialty items. 


In the heart of Downtown

Anastasia's Oven & Grill

 12 Union Avenue

- Memorable Potato Balls

- Fresh, Healthy Salad

Great reviews here!

Everyone does know your name

Danny Sullivan's - 102 Irving Street

- Fancy Grilled Cheese

- Gourmet Hot Dogs

Read here about the new ownership!

Where history stays relevant

Deluxe Depot Diner

417 Waverly Street

- Mini Reuben Sandwiches

- Fluffy Pancakes

Read here about the area's young manager!

Simple, hearty dining

Frescafe - 82 Concord Street

- Chunky Monkey Pancakes

- Savory French Toast

The Framingham Beat covers Frescafe

Manufacture greatness downtown

 Jack's Abby - 100 Clinton Street

- Come out to discover the surprise samplers!

Read about the ripple effect here!


Authentic food from warm hearts

MI COCINA - 18 Irving Street

- Rolled Tacos

- Delicious Quesadillas

Two years of greatness in the historic Bullard Building!

The tasty new transit stop

Miranda Bread - 470 Waverly Street

- Sweet Pastries

- Great treats!

Discover this local chain's long history!

Long-time favorite ups the game

Padaria Brasil Bakery

165 Concord Street

63 Hollis Street

- Chocolate indulgences

- Traditional baked wonders

20 years of downtown greatness!

Fine dining, delicious memories

Pho Dakao - 101 Concord Street

- Spring rolls

- Crab rangoon

Read about Pho Dakao's feature by Phantom Gourmet!

Brighten the night

Taqueria Mexico

40 Concord Street

- Burritos

- Taquitos

Read all about chef-owner Carlos Olmedo

Variety meets quality

Terra Brasilis

264 Waverly Street

94 Union Avenue

- Brazilian Pretzel

- Meat assortment

Discover the restaurant's history and expansion!