Fall Public Market registration here:      November 17

Inclement weather site: Arcade Passageway - 149 Concord Street

Registration is now open for the November 17 Public Market!

12 pm - 3 pm | Arcade Passageway at 149 Concord Street

The November 17 Public Market is a platform for small businesses, farmers, entrepreneurs, and artisans from across New England to gather and exhibit their wares in the historic Arcade Passageway..  In response to popular demand, Downtown Framingham, Inc. is excited to introduce new businesses to our downtown's business-ready infrastructure and people-ready amenities through this monthly platform.   

  Arcade Passageway at    149 Concord Street

Arcade Passageway at 149 Concord Street

  • Set-up for each market starts at 11:00 am.

  • Vendors offering produce take precedence.

  • Upon confirmation, registration is $20.00 for vendors who bring their own tables and chairs and $30.00 for vendors who order tables and chairs. Failure to pay may forfeit your spot.

  • Thank you for supporting Downtown Framingham, Inc.!

  • Accepted food vendors will be assisted with submission of all health permits.

  • Parking: 14 Frederick Street

November 17

Public Market Registration
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