Community Policing

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The Framingham Police Department believes that proactive community policing strategies and tactics such as crime analysis, problem solving and community partnerships collectively address environmental and social issues that may lead to crime.  


Police must witness illegal activity to take immediate and direct action.  

  • In an emergency, dial 911

  • To report a non-emergency, call (508) 872-1212 extension 6.

Useful Laws:

Section 53: Penalty for Certain Offenses

Disturbing the Peace

  • evidence the event happened

  • show that act was intentional

  • evidence someone was disturbed or annoyed

Section 95:  Loitering

Section 68: Vagabond

Laws on Panhandling

Urban Safety Tactics

  • Redesign street furniture

  • Activate storefront spaces

  • Acquire grant funding for outreach services

  • Acquire grant funding for additional cameras and lighting

Become a downtown safety liaison

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Police Chief Ken Ferguson in the Downtown Common.

Police Chief Ken Ferguson in the Downtown Common.

Downtown Protectors Officers Dinis Avila and Stephen Buma.

Officers Dinis Avila and Stephen Buma of the Framingham Police Department’s Safety Division have been assigned to exclusively patrol Downtown Framingham. Officers Avila and Buma work with local partners to develop community connections among downtown businesses, residents and stakeholders.  Their goals include identifying and implementing neighborhood-based police services to reduce crime, improve the overall quality of life, and build a stronger, safer neighborhood and central commercial district.