Boston Marathon 2014 | Downtown Framingham THE SIX MILE MOMENT IS COMING!

When folks arrive in Downtown Framingham on the morning of Marathon Monday to set up their chairs and grab their favorite spot to watch the greatest race in the world, they'll see a stage set up with cameras and speakers! Family friendly, high-energy music will be rocking the crossroads! And no matter if you have to work that day, don't despair... You can tune into the live stream on phones, mobile devices and internet even before the race begins and watch all day long!

All of us will be together at this monumental SIX MILE MOMENT!

As the first runners appear near Downtown Framingham, the band Tester will take the stage and rock the scene, giving the runners and fans a day to remember :: nothing short of fun music and awesome vibes to celebrate this wonderful happening that graces the center of our historic downtown each and every year.

We hope you will join us, and stay long after to grab a bite to eat at one of our many fabulous restaurants and cafes! From ethnic to Americana, you'll find it here! Take a look around and see the comeback of Downtown Framingham, and meet people who come here from all over the world to follow their dreams and realize them here. Buy anything in any of the businesses and win a free chance for prizes in our Marathon Day raffle!