We want this to be a comprehensive campus,
not a satellite campus.
— John O’Donnell, President of the college

All of us at FDR are thrilled about MassBay Community College’s move to Downtown Framingham! We will remain committed as a community development organization to act as liaison and partner throughout the College's relocation process.  By nurturing relationships between the communities of MassBay, the Town of Framingham, stakeholders and locals, FDR will support various aspects of MassBay’s transition.

"MassBay envisions the new campus to be modern and environmentally friendly,” said MassBay Dean Yves Salomon-Fernandez, adding that “It will be a community space.”


Officials from MassBay Community College regularly attend FDR Public Board Meetings, joining Salomon-Fernandez who is an acting FDR board member. Members of the MassBay community 
contribute to and participate in FDR events, including the Downtown Framingham Farmers Market (table and veggie bucks sponsor) and Farm Pond Fall Festival.

FDR anticipates a robust partnership with MassBay, including innovative curriculum participation and grassroots community development in and around their new digs in Downtown Framingham.