Lokerville Lookouts!

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Rain Date: September 15

Rain Date: September 15

Welcome the offices of Senate President & State Senator Karen Spilka and State Rep Jack Patrick Lewis.

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Sponsor and Lead Vendor:  logo advertising for event on website, flyers, newsletters, blogs, and social media.  Tables and chairs provided for sponsors and lead vendors.

Simple Vendor:  table and chairs not provided.  Participation noted on website.

Non-profit: table and chairs not provided.  Participate noted on website.

* Funds support entertainment and security at the upcoming Downtown Oktoberfest!  

* Lokerville vendors can participate for FREE in the Downtown Oktoberfest!

Lokerville Neighborhood Engagement Strategy

We're excited to continue the 8-month Lokerville Neighborhood Engagement Strategy!


General Lokerville Area

General Lokerville Area

  • Engage Lokerville Neighborhood residents to help them learn about one another through information sharing and trust-building activities.

  • Create a foundation for resource-sharing activities, including child care, play dates, carpooling, elderly assistance, neighborhood welcomes, and neighborhood safety.

  • Instill a sense of small business support by encouraging shopping at downtown venues.

  • Drive awareness and create better access to community and government resources.


  • Spring Questionnaire about life in Lokerville, participation in the community, and support for local businesses will be mailed to a sample population

    • Español

    • Portugués

      • Self-addressed stamped envelope and/or online survey disseminated first in late March and again in mid April

  • Shared catalog to better get to know your neighbors

  • Identify block leaders

    • Ownership of block party and feedback about unique area needs

  • Fall block party at Butterworth Park on September 8th from 3 pm to 7 pm!

    • Sponsor information coming soon

  • Fall Questionnaire about effectiveness of the program and measurable outcomes to sample population

Survey results are available in the July 3, 2018 DFI Blog!

Meet the Lokerville Lookouts on your Street

full list of block leaders coming soon!

  • Arthur Street

  • Belvidere Road






  • Bishop Drive

  • Bishop Street

  • Burdette Avenue

  • C Street

  • Clark's Hill Lane

  • Concord Street

  • Dyer Street

  • Elder Street

  • Eliot Street

  • Essex Street

  • Grant Street

  • Howe Street

  • Kingsbury Street

  • Mansfield Street

  • Pond Street

  • Thelma Road

  • Wilson Drive

  • Wilson Street

Become a Lokerville Lookout Block Leader Today!

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Lokerville Lookouts Survey Results