Downtown Framingham Business Coalition 


The Downtown Framingham Business Coalition is a gathering of local business leaders who are dedicated to the advocacy, networking, support, and development of local and small businesses in downtown Framingham.   The Downtown Framingham Business Coalition is led and overseen by Downtown Framingham, Inc. (DFI) and its Board of Directors.  The Coalition will create and sustain a resilient, business-ready culture in downtown Framingham, which is already home to an array of multi-ethnic businesses.  Through the Coalition, downtown Framingham will deliver experiences and services that consistently instill a memorable, engaging experience that reflects the area’s growing quality of life and inclusive, cultural character.

The Coalition addresses:

Individual Business Consultations

Downtown businesses who complete our surveys or are DFI business members will be selected for further research and receive Individual Business Consultations.  

Each consultation includes:

  • Market analysis research and respective SWOT analysis by the DFI executive team

  • Preliminary interview with an assistant manager

  • Review by a DFI Board Director

  • Final presentation to the business owner or general manager

Goals of consultations:

  • Define the vision and values for each business

  • Technology integration

  • Gauge quality of customer service

  • Identify management and maintenance needs

  • Opportunities to improve employee skills

  • Opportunities for expansion

  • Possible incentives

  • Cross Collaborations