Get your tickets for our First Annual Cafe Crawl that includes a historical and architectural tour!  

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Cafe Crawl

We'll gather at 160 Hollis Street (Amazing Things Art Center) and head north, stopping for delicious samples from our eclectic cafes that line the colorful streetscape.  We'll stop to listen as bakers share heart-warming stories about their job, business, and life in downtown Framingham.  Between cafe stops, we'll reminisce about the history of our great downtown and discuss the current impact of its detailed architecture!    

Cafe Crawl Tour Route

  1.   9:30 am -   Amazing Things Art Center  |  160 Hollis Street  
  2.   9:45 am -   Tropical Cafe  |  85 Hollis Street
  3.   10:00 am -  Enzo's Bakery  |  63 Hollis Street
  4.   10:15 am -   Neca's Bakery  |  22 Irving Street
  5.   10:30 am -  Miranda Bread  |  470 Waverly Street
  6.   10:45 am -  Deluxe Depot Diner |  417 Waverly Street 
  7.   11:00 am -   Frescafe  |  82 Concord Street
  8.   11:15 am -    Padaria Brasil Bakery  |  165 Concord Street
  9.   11:30 am -   Sofa Cafe  |  181 Concord Street

Parking  - recommend near intersection of routes 126 and 135

  • On-street parking
  • Parking lot at northeast corner of Concord and Howard Streets
    • From north:  right on Park Street, left on Franklin Street, left onto Howard, left into Parking lot
    • From south: right on Howard and left into parking lot
  • Hollis Court parking lot
    • From north:  right on Hollis Court, right into Hollis Court lot
    • From south: left on Hollis Court, right into Hollis Court lot
  • MBTA lot
    • From north:  right on Park Street, left on Franklin, straight onto Franklin Access Street that leads into the lot
    • From south:  left on Waverly Street, right into parking lot west of Deluxe Depot Diner lot

Catch more rays in downtown Framingham at our Summer Haze on August 20th at 1pm!