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We acknowledges a wealth of unique, up and coming businesses that have moved into Framingham’s central commercial district.  Collectively, FDR recognizes that these successful businesses are helping to provide a locally balanced commercial mix, sharpening the competitiveness of Downtown Framingham as THE place to relocate or start a new business.

Are you interested in bringing your business to Downtown Framingham? Check out our map of available commercial properties in our neighborhood. 


Selling our City: How Framingham Shines

Located 20 miles west of Boston, Framingham celebrates its ethnic diversity, offering public school calendars in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It has a sweet job market to celebrate too; the town’s unemployment rate is a mere 4.2% as of May. High growth has recently helped revitalize the downtown, which includes Hispanic and Brazilian retail shopping and restaurants. Completing the picture is an array of affordable housing options, from Victorian homes to multistory apartment buildings.


Rob Burns, Co-Founder of the Night Shift Brewing, Boston MA: “As the name suggests, this orange-hued beer celebrates the Oktoberfest style. The rich, bready maltiness lays a hearty base for the cooler nights, but the hops bring on flavors of flowery spice that almost hint at the warmer weather citrus. This easy-drinking yet flavor-packed beer is a welcomed alternative to the heavily spiced beers of fall.”

Considering we are home to Harvard and MIT, it’s not a shock that a local city has been named one of the geekiest in America. The Forbes report named San Jose, CA, capital of Silicon valley the geekiest city in the country and Boulder, CO came in second. In third place? It’s Framingham, Massachusetts. “Definitely accurate,” says Brock Jacobites, an employee at Framingham’s Bose Corporation. “It’s accurate because it fits the mold.” The magazine says geeks work in engineering, technology, science or math and Framingham has the most in the state.

Doña Sofia Tacos Y Pupusas claimed #8 among hundreds or Framingham restaurants and eateries.