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We’ve raised enough funds to provide a detail for two weeks! Let’s get a detail for at least four weeks!
— Courtney Thraen, Executive Director Downtown Framingham, Inc.

Burkis Square Betterment Project

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Downtown Framingham, Inc. is teaming up with a downtown-focused private company to provide services to our downtown business owners in Burkis Square, many of whom are women of color. We only need 100 donors to chip in $250.00 each to make our mixed-use area extra welcoming and vibrant this summer for our children, local residents, and shop keepers.

Our plain-clothed, business outreach detail will:

  • greet downtown patrons,

  • hand out shopping maps,

  • preserve clear and open entryways, and

  • help our most deserving (and sometimes overlooked) shopkeepers feel extra comfortable so they can focus solely on making customers happy!

At least 15 women-run businesses in this one-block area can heighten their productivity and usher in more customers to reach their small business goals.  A higher return on investment for businesses means they can hire more workers, spreading community wealth and a higher quality of life throughout this area. Thank you for supporting Burkis Square! DFI will conduct a business climate survey in late summer/early fall to gauge effectiveness.

- Summer Business Climate Survey
- Track calls to police and fire departments
- Release weekly reports of accomplishments of the detail, including every call placed and result of action

Women of Burkis Square

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  1. Vanda Oliveira- 18 months running Vanda’s Salon at 53 Hollis Street

  2. Edilene Silveira - 13 years running Imperial Jewelry at 52 Hollis Street

  3. Keila - 18 years running New Face Hair Design at 54 Hollis Street

  4. Adeila Jaramillo - 7 years running Pueblito Paisa at 66 Hollis Street

108 cities bbb-map-2016-web.png

109 cities across the country have invested in outreach support! Let’s make sure Framingham is the next! Source: http://blockbyblock.com/why

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Not convinced? A few stats from 2018:

  • 146 ambulance calls were placed to the Hollis/Irving streets intersection

  • 189 police calls were placed to the Hollis / Irving streets intersection

  • 87% of small businesses in the Central Business District located south of Route 135 stated that their own clients were often too afraid to come to their stores

This investment can deliver a dramatic change to our area!

Burkis Square Supporters State Rep. Lewis (left) and State Rep. Robinson (right)

Burkis Square Supporters State Rep. Lewis (left) and State Rep. Robinson (right)

Burkis Square Believers to date:

  • State Rep Jack P. Lewis

  • State Rep Maria Robinson

  • Brian Li

  • Andrew Lemieux

  • Kim Poness

  • Adam Blumer and Sarah Guernsey

  • Courtney Thraen

  • Janet Leombruno

  • Ben Shapiro

  • Meghan Wilson

  • Wellington Lopes of Tango Pizza, Pitbull Framingham, and Pantaneira Fashion

  • Kristen Nason

  • Councilor Michael Cannon

  • Christine Fregeau

  • Philip, Valerie and Julia Ottaviani

  • Julie Ginn

  • Michael Desilets

  • Keith Wagner

  • Elizabeth Hoffman

  • Bryan Stewart

  • Roman Vynnytskyi of Golden Circle Framingham

  • Judith Rosenbaum

  • Eric Kapust

  • Fabio Gomes of Tax Advisor

  • Irwin Blumer and Andrea Haynes

  • Power Construction

  • District 8 Councilor Judy Grove

  • Britta Rieser

  • John Stefanini

  • Mary Kate Feeney

  • Christine Guarino

  • Nancy O'Connor

  • MetroFest Attendees

  • Flag Day Parade watchers

  • brewCycle event attendees

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Avidia Charitable Foundation presents

Virtual Eyes on the Street

“ It takes a village to raise a child "

The Framingham Police Department believes that proactive community policing strategies and tactics such as crime analysis, problem solving and community partnerships collectively address environmental and social issues that may lead to crime.  


Police must witness illegal activity to take immediate and direct action.  

  • In an emergency, dial 911

  • To report a non-emergency, call (508) 872-1212 extension 6.

Useful Laws:

Section 53: Penalty for Certain Offenses

Disturbing the Peace

  • evidence the event happened

  • show that act was intentional

  • evidence someone was disturbed or annoyed

Section 95:  Loitering

Section 68: Vagabond

Laws on Panhandling

Urban Safety Tactics

  • Redesign street furniture

  • Activate storefront spaces

  • Acquire grant funding for outreach services

  • Acquire grant funding for additional cameras and lighting

Become a downtown safety liaison

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Police Chief Ken Ferguson in the Downtown Common.

Police Chief Ken Ferguson in the Downtown Common.

Downtown Protectors Officers Dinis Avila and Stephen Buma.

Officers Dinis Avila and Stephen Buma of the Framingham Police Department’s Safety Division have been assigned to exclusively patrol Downtown Framingham. Officers Avila and Buma work with local partners to develop community connections among downtown businesses, residents and stakeholders.  Their goals include identifying and implementing neighborhood-based police services to reduce crime, improve the overall quality of life, and build a stronger, safer neighborhood and central commercial district.