On-street Parking Assessment Reveals Big Surprise

On-street Parking Assessment Reveals Big Surprise

June 17, 2019


Nearly two years ago, the Framingham Downtown Renaissance collected signatures from local business owners to advocate for the installation of two-hour parking limit signs throughout the Central Business District.  The request was easily passed by the Board of Selectmen, and the signs were installed within two weeks. 

Today, Downtown Framingham, Inc. made six hourly rounds from 9:15 am to 2:30 pm, noting license plate numbers and observing for parking tickets on 33 parking spots surrounding Framingham’s Memorial Building, a cornerstone structure that signifies the Central Business District.  While some may wait for parking meters to be installed, our team chose a random Monday to assess and report the effectiveness of the two-hour parking signs.

With 33 parking spots observed six times on the hour, there were 198 one-hour opportunities for a new customer or visitor to patronize a downtown establishment. 


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  • 17% of the 198 parking opportunities remained vacant, waiting for a new car to approach.

  • 49% of the 198 parking opportunities were met with a new car at least every hour!

  • 22% of the 198 parking opportunities were consumed by 12 vehicles that exceeded the two-hour parking limit.

  • 10% of the 198 parking opportunities were consumed by 10 vehicles that used roughly two-hours of parking time.

  • During the six-rounds of hourly observations, only one parking ticket was observed on the 33 parking spots.

Parking spots observed with MOST availability (measured by vacancies and at least a one-hour turnover):

  • C1, C2, C5, C6, C9, C10, C17, C18, C19

  • U4, U5, U8, U10

Parking spots observed with the LEAST availability (measured by vehicle consumption of two or more hours):

  • C3, C7, C8, C12, C13, C14, C15

  • U1, U3, U6, U9, U11, U12


A one-day study comprised of six hourly observations may not reveal any statistically significant on-street parking trends.  However, the observation that nearly 50% of cars rotated parking spots at least once per hour demonstrates that downtown visitors likely respect the two-hour parking limit signs.  Moreover, the north-bound lane of Concord Street revealed the highest available parking vacancies.  Readers are free to draw their own conclusions from this one-day observation.  DFI may run this exercise again, observing a different on-street parking section of downtown.

 Don’t Miss it!

This Wednesday, June 19, the Downtown Framingham, Inc. team will support a joint business venture between the Eastleigh Farms Ice Cream Bus and Sofa Cafe (181 Concord Street).  Our team will serve as human wayfinding guides from 12 pm to 2 pm, directing patrons to the off-street, Arcade Parking lot accessible from Frederick Street.   We hope to see you at Sofa Cafe (181 Concord Street).

This report was conducted and prepared by Courtney Thraen, Director of Downtown Framingham, Inc. with support from Dan Camilli, DFI Events and Marketing Intern