Framingham Downtown Renaissance, Inc. (FDR) was established in 2008 as a community-driven organization independent from the Town of Framingham.

Framingham Downtown Renaissance, Inc. (FDR) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation committed to facilitating the development of Downtown Framingham as a vibrant blend of commercial and residential mixed-use. The organization’s primary focus is to recruit public and private partnerships and investment, in order to generate jobs and income, increase community connections and support good design at a location that is highly visible and critically important to the MetroWest region.

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Our Goals

the development of a viable and diverse economic climate in the central business district.

the community, including new voices, in identifying and describing Downtown Framingham’s heart and soul.

that community values are central to all future Downtown planning and development initiatives, and that these unique local values are reflected in planning documents.

bridges between the Framingham communities of Saxonville, Nobscot, and Framingham Centre to Downtown. Reestablish connections among rural residents and Downtown neighborhoods, university and college communities, young people and seniors, newcomers and long timers, by building common ground as a sense of shared civic pride in the revitalization of Downtown Framingham.